Loksand Rootzone

Originally developed for sports surfaces and now available for horticultural and landscaping applications. Topscape Loksand rootzone is a sand/soil mix, reinforced with polypropylene fibres, enhancing the surface quality and physical characteristics of grassed areas by reducing compaction and improving stability.

Based on free drainage principles, Loksand rootzone eliminates waterlogged surfaces at the same time as providing a nourishing growing medium. From use on gradients where natural topsoil is prone to being washed away to creating reinforced turf, Loksand rootzone allows you to increase performance in high-wear, difficult areas where traditional topsoils may struggle.

Ideal for:

  • Amenity Turf
  • Grass Roads
  • Overflow Car Parks
  • Emergency Vehicle Access
  • Grass Pathways
  • Building Access
  • High Foot Traffic Areas